Godshard Chronicles: A Retro-Meets-Modern Action RPG

Created by J-Cat Games Limited

Combining the best of yesteryear and today: 2-player co-op, branching quests, and rich storytelling!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Backer Update #5: Comics & Development
2 days ago – Thu, Jul 18, 2024 at 01:49:03 PM

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Fulfilment Phase 1 & Comics
25 days ago – Tue, Jun 25, 2024 at 09:21:29 AM

Hello Everyone,

Elmon Dean here. We've had a few backer-only updates, so here's an update everyone can see. As we forge ahead with development, I'm thrilled to show you how the houses in Godshard Chronicles will appear:

The left picture shows the outside of the house, and the other two show each of its respective floors. Notice how the interior design matches the exterior design. Our level designer/mapmaker Decky will create the other houses in this manner. 

We also have some exciting things in the works, which we'll share in the following updates. 

Rewards Fulfilment Phase 1: Digital Wallpapers

We have sent out the first round of desktop and mobile wallpapers via Backerkit. Please check the inbox of the email address linked to your Kickstarter or Backerkit account. Every backer should receive them, so check your spam box in case you haven't received anything. We plan to send out more wallpapers in the future, so if these don't catch your fancy, you'll have other options.

Note: Backerkit registers items as SKUs. In order to create a catchall to give everyone who pledged the wallpapers, we linked the wallpaper SKU to every item on the store. That means that you will receive as many copies of the wallpapers as items you ordered. So don't be alarmed when you receive multiple copies of the same wallpaper. 

Backer-Edition Comics

Next up will be our Backer-edition comics, which are currently being finalised. We plan to release these later this summer. If you haven't claimed yours yet, you can still order them at our Backerkit store here: [link]

On top of the first 3 issues, the Backer-edition comics will contain tonnes of exclusive art, a variant cover, extra lore, and more. The comics are complete, but we will need time to compile the bonus content. 

Godshard Comics Available Now on Kindle 

If you can't wait for the Backer-edition, the Kindle edition digital comics of issues 1 and 2 are available now on Amazon. Issues 3 and 4 are available for pre-order and will be released soon. You can order/pre-order them below:

Issue #1: [link]
Issue #2: [link]
Issue #3: [link]
Issue #4: [link]

We recommend the Backerkit Store for the first three issues of the comics, as the backer-exclusive editions offer more content than the Kindle versions.

Physical Comics & Manga

We've just spoken to our publishers about the physical publications. There are plans to release a tankōbon-style (単行本) manga in Japan later this year, just in time for Tokyo Comic Con. This edition will be published in Japanese and available in bookstores across Japan. For those interested, we will share the relevant links when they become available.

We have some unfortunate news about the North American release of the physical comics. Our USA-based publisher, Antarctic Press, has informed us that the release date has been pushed back to September 2025, instead of summer 2024. However, we’ll notify you as soon as the physical copies are available! 

In-Game Objects

For those of you who put your name or message in-game, here is an area where some will appear. For example, names and messages will appear on tombstones pictured here and in other locations. We're considering placing items with some of these objects to make finding them fun and rewarding. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


Thank you again for checking in and supporting us. As always, if you have have any questions, come talk to us on our Discord server. 

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Backer Update #4: Small Update & Solution
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jun 14, 2024 at 07:43:42 AM

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Backer Update #3: Surveys and Progress
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jun 06, 2024 at 05:57:54 AM

For Backers Only

Elmon Dean here, and welcome to our 3rd backer-exclusive update! We've been very busy this past month with planning, pre-production, and managing our surveys. We're going to talk about our game development progress, animation, new vocal tracks, along with the some Backerkit and surveys issues. 

First we'll start with the new stuff since the Kickstarter campaign:

Game Development

Screenshot of the City

Above is an example of the newest tileset (the pixel art for each level or environment) for our city. We now have at least 60% of the tilesets completed for the game. Compared to the first village, the city will be huge and host at least 2 taverns. We plan to make this area a great hub for exploration, side quests, and relaxation. 

Next is a work-in-progress of one of our bosses (which some of you may have seen an earlier version posted on X):

We want each boss to be memorable rather than just a mere obstacle at the end of each area. This particular boss is a gigantic version of the hob, which can be found in our first dungeon below: 


Thanks to you backers helping us reach the $180K stretch goal reward, we have partnered with Tonari Animation studios, which is based in Tokyo, Japan, to produce all of the animated sequences in Godshard Chronicles. They will start with the opening animation.

Beforehand, we produced our animation with a skeleton crew. With Tonari Animation, we can achieve a higher-quality production with a proper crew, including a director, producer, character designer, etc. Our animator, J-Marcos, will also join the company to further his career. 

Our first goal with Tonari is to produce the opening animation sequence. In order to maintain a sense of artistic consistency, they will also take care of any remaining animation that will appear in the game (previous and future). We will provide more updates on this as they come. 

Vocal Tracks

Production for the opening animation scene will start once Noriyuki Iwadare composes a new track solely dedicated for it. The track will also have Jennifer Stigile (Lunar series singer) on vocals!  You can watch our latest interview with her here: 

Jennifer will travel to Japan later this year to meet Noriyuki Iwadare and record in the studio with him! This will be their first ever meeting despite Jennifer singing on several of Iwadare-sensei's previous songs. We're currently planning on having her sing not only 1, but 2 vocal tracks for Godshard Chronicles! 


For the most part, our surveys went well. We have received almost 3,000 of them back already. If you have NOT yet received or filled out a survey, please contact us and Dylan will help you. 

BackerKit Issues

As with all things, there were a few slight hiccups with BackerKit. One issue we had was DOUBLE CHARGING

We are aware that BackerKit has double charged just under 5% of our backers. This is an extremely easy fix, so please contact us if you notice this has happened to you. We believe the cause of this is that some of our Kickstarter backers mistakenly added the item(s) that they pledged for to their BackerKit cart ON TOP of their original pledge, leading to the cost being doubled. If you suspect that you might have done this or something similar, reach out to us via private messages, email, or contact Dylan on discord.

Next Step

We're currently finalising the enemies and levels for the first chapter, along with the UI for our menus. We would like to have a playable demo by the end of this year. In the meantime, we'll continue posting updates on here and on our social media pages. 


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Backer-only Update #2: Surveys (Continued)
3 months ago – Sat, May 04, 2024 at 05:46:58 AM

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